The Community of St. Mark’s, to me, truly feels like a family. We share each other’s joys and sorrows,

genuinely enjoy each other’s company, and do our best to love each other unconditionally. Like any family we

don’t always see eye to eye on everything, but we love each enough to accept the opinions of others different

than our own. This brings us close together – but also causes us great pain when we lose someone. For us,

losing three of our dear sisters in such a short period of time seems almost unfair and has proven to be

challenging for us all.

The grieving process takes time, and we will never stop missing those we’ve given up to the Lord. But it seems

like a good time to also thank God for the opportunity to know three truly wonderful and selfless ladies. As I said

just recently, “thank you God for sharing them with all of us.” Betty, who was one of the sweetest people, seemed

to always be able to make folks feel as though they were special and important.

Genie, who had such a gentle spirit, whose reverence for God encouraged us to develop a deeper relationship with Him. She was always willing

to pray with each one of us. And Patricia, truly one of our matriarchs, was so selfless and giving that I don’t

know how she was able to serve so faithfully and completely – to our church, the community around us

and to her own family.

We will remember each of our sisters fondly, for as long as we live, and wherever life may take us. They have

each left a deep impression and huge holes on the St Mark’s Family they leave behind, and each exhibited

Godly service and character by effortlessly displaying the gifts they were given. And in their honor, we should try

to live in a manner that celebrates their lives, and what they stood for – by doing our best to serve our brothers,

sisters, and our community even more energetically than we have done before. For these three women of service,

there is no greater way I feel we can honor their legacy. We will see them again in Heaven and so remember them

in loving ways as we say goodbye for now...

Respectfully, Bert Pearce-Marshall, Senior Warden SMEC

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